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Early childhood is an investment worthwhile!

Research shows that early intervention services help to influence developmental trajectory, improve the child-parent relationship, prevent child maltreatment, and save society money in the long term on expenditures such as healthcare, education and welfare.[1]  Furthermore, a study by the RAND Corporation that focused on 20 early childhood intervention programs throughout the United States found long-lasting and “substantial gains in outcomes such as special education placement and grade retention, high school graduation rates, labor market outcomes, social welfare program use, and crime,” all while producing returns on investment ranging from $1.80 to $17.07.[2]

Your generous contribution will help our community's next generation succeed!


89% of the AMHA Early Childhood Initiative is funded privately

You can make a difference in our community by donating to the Early Childhood Initiative through AMHA's non-profit subsidiary Building for Tomorrow.
[1] Daro, D. (2009). Embedding Home Visitation Programs within a System of Early Childhood Services. Chicago: Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago

[2] Karoly, A., M. R. Kilburn, and J. S. Cannon. (2005). Early Childhood Interventions: Proven Results, Future Promise. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation

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